Massac Theatre Metropolis, IL (coming soon)

Massac Theatre Metropolis, IL (coming soon)5 (100%) 2 vote[s] METROPOLIS, IL – The beautiful Massac Theatre, safely slumbers for now, protected by a community driven non-profit group called Save the Massac Theatre that materialized when it was just a few steps away from demolition now years ago. On their Facebook page, the group wrote they are: […]

Lois Lane Metropolis (Market Street)

Lois Lane Metropolis (Market Street)5 (100%) 3 vote[s] Market Street / Metropolis, IL – Lois Lane is memorialized in a statue located at the corner of 8th Street and historic Market Street in the small and wonderful town of Metropolis, IL. The statue features the original Lois Lane played by Noel Darleen Neill (1920-2016) in the […]

Home of Superman, Metropolis Illinois

Home of Superman, Metropolis Illinois5 (100%) 1 vote[s] METROPOLIS, IL – The Home of Superman is in Metropolis where he worked as Clark Kent for the Daily Planet newspaper with Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane. The man of steel was a legend and was later memorialized in a 15-feet bronze statue on Superman Square that looks over Market […]

Superman Museum & Gift Shop, Metropolis

Rate this METROPOLIS, ILL – The Superman Museum & Souvenir building is decorated with Superman memorabilia along Market Street in Metropolis, Illinois – across the street from the giant Superman statue. Superman Museum & Toy Store 517 Market St, Metropolis, IL 62960 (618) 524-5518 directions: Google Maps