The Slade Channelside Apartments

CHANNELSIDE / TAMPA, FL – Slade Channelside Apartments is located in the Channel District, a progressive neighborhood adjacent to the Port of Tampa and Tampa’s business district. The 2015 Fall Special had monthly rent starting from $1,475 to $2,525. Slade Channelside Apartments 1190 E Washington St, Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 330-2116 | Google Maps

Duckweed Urban Grocery, Channelside (opens)

CHANNELSIDE / TAMPA, FL – The new Duckweed Urban Grocery store is now open on 12th Street in The Place at Channelside, a residential apartment complex in the Channel District of Tampa, FL. The new Duckweed Urban Grocery is a small 2000-sq-ft grocery store but fully stocked with everything one might need: meats, raw milk, eggs, dairy, veggie pops and locally-made artisan chocolates from […]

Towers of Channelside

CHANNELSIDE/TAMPA, FL – The Towers of Channelside, both East and West, are the 10th tallest buildings at 327 feet (100m) with 30 floors built in 2007 in the Channel District in Downtown, FL. See listing of tallest building in Downtown Tampa, FL TOWERS OF CHANNELSIDE 445 South 12th Street, Tampa, Florida 33602 813.422.5555

SKYHOUSE Channelside, Tampa, FL

CHANNEL DISTRICT / TAMPA, FL – The Skyhouse Channelside apartment highrise is the 15th tallest building at 275 ft (84m) with 23 stories located in the Channel District in downtown Tampa, FL. Skyhouse was built by Baston Cook Construction and completed in April of 2015. The first tenants moved in on June 26, 2015. APARTMENTS: 320-units BEDROOMS: 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments […]

The Fitzgerald, Channelside Tampa

CHANNELSIDE / TAMPA, FL – The Fitzgerald is going to be a 300-unit luxury apartment complex currently under construction by Case Contracting at the intersection of Kennedy Boulevard and North 12th Street in the Channel District of Downtown Tampa, Florida. Florida Crystals, a domestic sugar producer, contracted Case Contracting to build the seven-story multiplex where the Amazon Hose & Rubber Co. warehouse […]

Riding classic streetcars in Tampa, FL

TAMPA, FL – TECO Streetcars has a route map that travels 2.7 miles through Ybor City, the Channel District and parts of Downtown Tampa. Riding streetcars is a great way to get acquainted with the area or to get to your favorite place along the route worry free. The first electric streetcars in Tampa started rolling in 1892 and were […]

Bamboozle Tea Lounge, Channelside Tampa

CHANNEL DISTRICT / TAMPA, FL – The Bamboozle Tea Lounge serves Bamboozle Rolls (veggies, meats wrapped in rice paper) Baby Pho Boats (soups), Banh Mi (sandwiches), deserts and more. The Bamboozle is classified as a Vietnamese cafe located in the Channel District at The Place-Channelside apartments on 12th Street in Tampa, FL. The most expensive items on the menu include the Tiger […]

Port Tampa Bay & WTC, Channelside Drive

CHANNEL DISTRICT/ TAMPA, FL – Port Tampa Bay (aka World Trade Center) had its name edited on the building from Tampa Port Authority to Port Tampa Bay on Channelside Drive in Tampa, FL. BUSINESSES IN BUILDING One is the VASTEC, a company that specializes in Innovative Information Solutions that holds contracts with government and private industry as well. The […]

MS Brilliance of the Seas docked at Port of Tampa

CHANNEL DISTRICT/TAMPA, FL – MS Brilliance of the Seas by Royal Caribbean International was docked on December 11, 2014 in Terminal 3 on Channelside Drive in Tampa, FL. The Brilliance has a nine story atrium and glass throughout the ship for radiant views of the sea at every turn. US and Canada residents can call Royal […]

Channelside Bay Plaza – upscale strip mall with a view

CHANNELSIDE / TAMPA, FL-  Channelside Bay Plaza is an updated and very clean strip mall located along Channelside Drive in the Channel District of Tampa, FL. There is a corridor or hallway on the sidewalk that reads, ‘Welcome to Channelside Plaza,’ and if you follow it to the end, it opens up to a beautiful outside horseshoe shaped shopping […]

StarShip Dining Cruise gets 5-Stars from returning customer

CHANNEL DISTRICT/TAMPA, FL – Yacht StarShip Dining Cruises takes you on a 2.5 hour tour with a 360 view of the beautiful Tampa Bay area while serving you award-winning cuisine cooked in the kitchen below. A Top Contributor on Tripadvisor recently went on her third cruise aboard the luxury Yacht and wrote, ‘Fantastic food and service. The views are […]

Amalie Arena, Tampa

TAMPA, FL – The Amalie Arena, originally named Ice Palace, opened its doors for the first time on October 12, 1996. The total cost of the construction amounted to $139 million – that translates to $209 million in 2014 dollars. NAMES OVER THE YEARS 1996-2002: ICE PALACE (first name) 2002-2012: St. Pete Times Forum 2012-2014: […]