Ybor City 7th Ave – One of America’s 10 Great Streets

0.0 00 YBOR CITY / TAMPA, FL – Seventh Avenue is in the midst of the Historic District of Ybor City in Tampa, FL. Ybor City’s 7th Avenue was “Designated One of Americas 10 Great Streets” in 2008 by the American Planning Association. La Septima is Spanish for 7th Avenue that is marked on all […]

‘Viva Ybor’ mural by Chico Garcia, 7th Avenue

0.0 00 YBOR CITY/TAMPA, FL – DEC 8, 2014: The VIVA YBOR  is a colorful mural celebrating Ybor City on 7th Avenue created in October of 2012 by Artist, Chico Garcia. The upper right is a bust-portrait of cigar entrepreneur, Vincente Martinez Ybor, with the Tampa Bay Hotel (now the University Of Tampa) in the background. […]

Columbia Restaurant Tampa, FL

5.0 01 TAMPA, FL –  The Columbia Restaurant has been serving Spanish and Cuban cuisine since 1905 in the Historic Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, FL. Largest Spanish Restaurant in the World The Columbia is the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. The building takes up one full city block on 7th Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street. The restaurant is […]

Hot Wax – glassblowing in Ybor City

0.0 00 YBOR CITY/TAMPA FL – The Hot Wax Glass Co is similar to a 60s head shop  but with one-of-a-kind glass pipes that can be custom made just for you. Most of the glass pipes are hand made by professional glassblowers right in the store at a front-window workstation for passerby’s to see. Glassblowing is an art […]

1603 Tattoo, Ybor City

0.0 00 YBOR CITY/TAMPA – Skip Sampson of 1603 Tattoo & Body Piercing Co won this years’ Best of the Bay readers choice award for ‘Best Tattoo Artist  2014 for the Tampa Bay area. Skip is the owner of 1603 Tattoo & Piercing in the Historic District of Ybor City and has 20-years experience creating awarding winning body art […]