June 12, 2015 - Carol Motel, cheapest prices in South Shore, Ruskin, FL

Carol Motel built in 1953, Ruskin, FL

RUSKIN / SOUTH SHORE, FL – June 12: The Carol Motel was built in 1953 along the Tamiami Trail (US 41) in Ruskin, FL, according to Hillsborough County Property Records.

It’s a one story building with 11 rooms that range from $35 to $70 per night. There is cable, heat & ac and a pool next to the check-in office.

Carol Motel | 1308 N U.S. Hwy 41 | Ruskin, FL 33570 | (813) 645-1325


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  1. I need a place to live get socal sciecrty and not enough to pay high rent please help

  2. Tammy Watson Avatar
    Tammy Watson

    Is the hotel for sale?

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