Carmines Restaurant, Ybor City

Carmines Restaurant 7th Ave, Ybor, Tampa FL
Carmines Restaurant 7th Ave, Ybor, Tampa FL/copyright 2014 Google

YBOR CITY / TAMPA, FL – Carmines Restaurant serves Cuban and Italian dishes on 7th Ave. in the Historic Ybor neighbor in Tampa, FL.

I wanted to find out what other customers liked the most at Carmines so I went to Tripadvisor and read the reviews.

After an hour of so reading customer feedback, it was the Devil Crabs that received the most positive feedback from customers.

CARMINES Jumbo Devil Crabs #1 Liked

The Jumbo Devil Crabs are hand made at Carmines, pleasantly oversized and filled with delicious crabmeat.

 The Black Beans & Yellow Rice and the Cuban Sandwich are customer favorites as well. Below are a couple of reviews from Tripadvisor.

Nov 2014 review of Carmines Cuban Restaurant in Ybor City

Devil Crab reviews for Carmines Restaurant in Ybor City

Carmines Spanish Restaurant
1802 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-3834
Menu | | Tripadvisor | Google Maps

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