Dec 27, 2015 - boca kitchen bar market restaurant building in Riverview, FL/

Boca Kitchen Bar Market, Riverview, FL

BRANDON / RIVERVIEW, FL – Boca Kitchen Bar Market held its soft opening on Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 in the beautiful Winthrop Town Centre at the corner of Bloomingdale Ave. and Sullivan St. in Riverview, FL.

I visited the job site on December 13, 2015 and spoke with Ed, the on-site electrician. Ed told me that every light in the new Boca restaurant are LED’s and the outside lights were custom made from baskets that were shipped directly to the restaurant.

Ed was there working on the electric side of things making sure everything was up to code for the inspection coming up in a few days.

There were tomato and pepper plants growing in the flower beds in front of the restaurant that will be used by the cooks. Ed picked one of the tomatoes off the vine and let me try one; it was heavenly delicious.

The official website is called Boca Brandon with the location marked as Riverview, FL. No worries because this spacious 5,000-square-foot restaurant, built by The Perry Company, can be easily share by both towns with room to spare.

Boca Brandon features farm-to-table food from local farmers and specialty food distributors. It reads on their website:

a high quality, locally sourced meal is benefiting to all…

More Boca Restaurants will be opening soon in Sarasoto and St. Petersburg as well.

Boca Kitchen Bar Market (aka Boca Brandon)
Winthrop Town Centre
11206 Sullivan St., Riverview, FL | Google Maps


3 responses to “Boca Kitchen Bar Market, Riverview, FL”

  1. Kathleen Morrissey Avatar
    Kathleen Morrissey

    We went there for Mother’s Day Brunch. Food was cold. Flies everywhere. Chefs stood around while leaning on the wall of lettuce all the while sweating, not very appetizing
    We will not be returning to Boca in Brandon, disgusting

  2. Kathleen Morrissey Avatar
    Kathleen Morrissey

    Mother’s Day Brunch was horrific
    Food was cold, flies everywhere
    Waitress was great and tried really hard but we will not be going back to Boca. Kitchen staff stood around doing nothing while leaning on the wall of lettuce. Roast beef was well done and surrounded by flies
    What a waste of money

  3. Trisha Chesky Avatar
    Trisha Chesky

    We went this past Saturday. Fantastic Restaurant. So happy they opened in the neighborhood. Food was fabulous, so were the drinks and the service impeccable. The appetizers were memorable and the entrees delicious. Best burger I’ve ever had. The steaks, meatloaf, homemade pasta was very good.
    Can’t wait to return to try the other entrees on the menu.
    We were a party of four foodies and we all loved it.
    Bravo Boca! Five Stars

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