SOUTHSHORE / GIBSONTON, FL – Bliss Nail Spa And Lounge opened in the first part of April 2016 on 7130 Big Bend Road in Apollo Beach, FL.

Owners of Bliss Nail Spa and Lounge are completely renovating Suite 108 and 109 where Porter Paints once resided.

Bliss Nail Spa And Lounge
7130 Big Bend Rd, Gibsonton, FL 33572
(813) 666-7909 Ste 109
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  1. I just walked out of the door at Bliss. I had heard many good things about it. My experience however was less than stellar. The young man that did my pedicure had double tattoo sleeves and got the water ready. The pedi began well and I began to relax. It was all going quite well but my hot stones were slippery with lotion and fell to the floor, cutting that aspect of the pedi short. It was an OK pedi the only complaint was that he was rushing me. He seemed to be a in a hurry and my “spa” experience was ended..forthwith! He strongly encouraged me to the manicure table and continued to work quickly when I bumped my toe and he had to do a polish repair. He was not.pleased and admonished me to sit straight and put my feet directly in front. When I asked him to trim a little piece of skin from under the nail that was the last straw for him and he strongly stated “I don’t know what you are talking about!” The technician next to him tried to assist me, but by that time I had had enough of being poorly regarded and his thinly veiled attempt at trying to remain professional. I decided to pay for the pedi and leave. which he vociferously encouraged. I won’t returnto Bliss, I did not enjoy paying someone to be poorly treated. I gently made my way down the street to the next (1 of many) nail salons. My experience to was anything but BLISSful.
    sorry ….. poor customer service and regard. 🙁