Cailey Travis and Bryan from Blessed Modelz LLC during Black History Month Fashion Show, Feb. 19, 2023.

Black History Month Fashion Show in St. Louis by Blessed Modelz

Blessed Modelz walking runway at African American History Fair and Fashion Show Dellwood Rec. Center
Models from Blessed Modelz LLC modeling agency walking runway at African American History Fair and Fashion Show Dellwood Rec. Center Feb. 19, 2023

Black History Month was celebrated with Blessed Modelz LLC doing a runway fashion show at the African American Fair at the Dellwood Recreation Center in St. Louis on Sunday, February 19, 2023. At the helm of Blessed Modelz LLC is CuSandra Wright. She helps guide and mentor the group by being serving the community with volunteering, organizing back-to-school giveaways, sponsoring families during the holidays and much more.

The fashion industry has historically been criticized for its lack of diversity, particularly in terms of representation of African American models. However, in recent years, there has been progress in addressing this issue and promoting equality.

One significant development is the increasing visibility of African American models on the runway and in fashion campaigns. Major fashion brands and designers have started to include more diverse models in their shows and advertisements, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of representation and inclusivity.

In addition, there are now more opportunities for African American models to break into the industry and achieve success. Modeling agencies have become more proactive in seeking out talent from diverse backgrounds and providing support and resources to help them succeed.

There have also been efforts to address systemic issues within the industry, such as discriminatory hiring practices and limited access to opportunities for marginalized groups. Organizations such as the Black in Fashion Council and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition have been working to promote greater inclusivity and advocate for change.

While there is still much work to be done to achieve full equality and representation in the fashion industry, these efforts are a positive step forward. By promoting diversity and inclusivity, the industry can help to break down barriers and create a more equitable and just society.