HYDE PARK VILLAGE / TAMPA, FL – A Sprinkles Bakery opened April 28, 2016 in the Hyde Park Village shopping center next to Sur la Table in Tampa, FL.

COMING SOON: Sprinkles patented ATM-cupcake machine that dispenses cupcakes starting at $4.25.

ATM Cupcake Machine

VIDEO: See how the ATM Cupcake machine works at the Beverly Hills location.

Along with selling cupcakes, Sprinkles bakery sells ice cream and homemade cookies as well. It even has special cupcakes made just for dogs.

12 cupcakes: $42.00
1 cupcake: Inside Bakery $3.75
1 cupcake: ATM $4.25

Follow Sprinkles Tampa at https://www.facebook.com/sprinklestampa

Sprinkles Cupcakes
Hyde Park Village
717 S Dakota Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
sprinkles.com | Google Maps

Meet #BlackVelvet: our deepest, darkest, most chocolatey cake topped with whipped chocolate ganache. #nextlevel

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