Armory National Guard building in St. Louis. credit craig currie

Armory District St. Louis, mixed-use development under construction

The Armory, built in the 1930s, once housed the 138th Infantry of the Missouri National Guard and is now going to be remade into a mixed-use development with office space and restaurants.

The Armory’s history is unique. It became a mecca for training some of the best tennis players in the nation’s history. It was used as a concert venue, as well, with legendary names like Tina Turner and the Grateful Dead who filled the hall with classics that some of us still listen to today.

The redevelopment of the St. Louis Armory is being financed in part by US EPA Brownfields Sup-Grant Fund in cooperation with: Keeping St. Louis In Business Saint Louis Development Corporation.

For now, there is no exact target date for the Armory to be finished. And due to Covid-19, delays are commonplace around the globe.

Involved in the Armory project include Green Street Realestate, a St. Louis Real Estate and Construction company, and Newmark Grubb Zimmer of St. Louis.

Fencing by National Rent-A-Fence surrounds the Armory building and will stay in place during construction.