Abandon Cats from demolished house in Palm Harbor, please help

SUN CITY CENTER / SOUTHSHORE, FL – AUGUST 4, 2015: Written by Marilyn Weaver, Meow Now Board Member at http://meownowfl.org/


Late afternoon, Tuesday, July 28th, a call came in to MEOW Now from George Pappas, who works for Pappas Construction Co. He was going to demolish a house on Bay St. in Palm Harbor the next morning, but discovered there were cats abandoned in the sold home. They had been there a week, alone. Being the wonderful human being he is, he called everywhere for help. He was told, no one had room to take the cats. I told him the cats would have to be trapped. I asked him to call me Wed. morning to see what I was able to do by then.

He called me early Wed. morning to tell me he had already gotten 5 traps from Suncoast Animal League and had trapped 6 cats in the 5 traps. He was now wrecking the house and said “what do I do with these cats”? After racking my brain for an answer, I said I’ll take them. What was I to do? I have those 6 unbelievably beautiful cats. Unfortunately, during demolition, cats were crushed when trees came down with cats in them that were not sighted by the workers. In the meantime, one of our trappers, Laura Dennis said she was going over to the site to see if there were any more cats. She only had 3 traps at the time. She caught 3 cats. After she brought the 3 to me that evening at 10 pm, she borrowed more traps, went back out in the dark, rainy night and trapped 5 more.

Laura will be housing the 5 she trapped, but wants to continue to trap, as according to a neighbor, 6 more were spotted after one was killed by a coyote. The age of the 6 is estimated at 2 to 3 months old. These cats are used to humans as they lived with this man, who it turns out is a hoarder. They are just traumatized and need some tender, gentle socializing. Then they can be s/n and put up for adoption. They are stunning cats, many orange ones with swirls in their coats. They appear to have some Siamese in some of them.

Here’s the kicker though. I told Laura, do not trap any more cats unless I can find some temporary fosters for them. She and I have exceeded our limit (we both have our own animals), so this a plea for as many people I can find who will take one cat, or 2 or 3, so they have company. As soon as they put on some weight; they were starving, they can be s/n and put up for adoption. I took the cat that jumped or fell off the roof while the house was being demolished, to the vet for a complete check up. Severely dehydrated and starved, but no fleas, no mites, no upper respiratory, no FIV/LEU. They are related to one another, cats have solid stools.

Please, if you can help, email me or call me at 727-939-2344. Reach out to all via FB, etc. to local people you know. Time is of the essence, as it has been storming and the coyotes are hungry. The cats keep returning to what remains on the property that has not yet been carted away.

Marilyn Weaver
Board Member

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