Sony A7SII low light test blue hour

A7SII Low Light Test during Blue Hour

I used a Sony A7SII and a 28-70 3.5-5.6 Kit Lens. I used a Zhiyun Crane Plus for the gimbal. My shutter speed was set to 1/50th, at 24 frames per second. I set the ISO on AUTO, and filmed at 4k.

The results were phenomenal since I used a full frame camera. Any full frame camera will do the job.

I took some clips at 28 millimeters and at 70 millimeters. At 28 millimeters, the footage was pretty steady. but the 70 millimeters got really shaky. However, I really like the compression of the 70 millimeters vs the 28. A lot more shows up in your footage when you increase the millimeters. The more millimeters more the zoom you will have on your footage.

This was a great low light test and of course it passed with flying colors. All full frame cameras work well in low light so this was no surprise.