90-year-old Florida Man breaks law by feeding homeless

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Mr. Arnold Abbott, 90-years-old, breaks new law by feeding the homeless on Wednesday (November 12, 2014) in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Fort Lauderdale Police were there to enforce the new ordinance that recently passed, increasing restrictions on feeding people in public places due to security and sanitary reasons.

Through all this, Mr. Abbott didn’t waver and continued feeding the hungry in the South Florida city park where he has been already cited twice in violation of the new ordinance.

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer, Sgt. Al Lerner asks people to move back so he could speak with Arnold.

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer, Sgt. Al Lerner (R), warns Mr. Arnold Abbott that he will be cited for feeding the homeless and that he is in violation of a recently passed city law.

Arnold Abbott (2nd R) dishes out food to the homeless despite the new ordinance

Holding signs is support of Arnold Abbott is Jim Lewis (L), Melanie Malave (C) and Kayla Lewis (R). One sign reads, ‘Rich People Eat At The Beach, Why Can’t Homeless Eat Here.’

Debra Jennings (L) give Arnold Abbott a hut after he was done feed the homeless.

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