Dec 21, 2017 - St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, LA/

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in continual use in the United States located at 615 Pere Antoine Alley in the French Quarter neighborhood of New Orleans, LA.

It was founded as a Catholic Parish in 1721 along the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. The St. Louis Cathedral is world renown and a major landmark in New Orleans.

Visitors are allowed to take photos inside the Cathedral without any flash. They can freely walk around this beautiful house of God or sit down in the pews to take in all the beauty.

♦ Daily Mass: 12:05 p.m.

St. Louis Cathedral
615 Pere Antoine Alley
New Orleans, LA 70116, USA
+1 504-525-9585


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