Homeless live in poverty in Downtown St. Louis

500 Asylum Seekers Coming to St. Louis by End of Year

Homeless encampment at St. Louis City Hall 2023 during the heat wave.
Homeless encampment at St. Louis City Hall 2023 during the heat wave. AI 2023

In an effort to alleviate the burden on Chicago, which has been struggling to accommodate a large influx of asylum seekers, St. Louis has announced that it will be taking in some of these individuals. The move is being seen as a win-win for both cities, as it will provide much-needed relief to Chicago and offer asylum seekers a chance to settle in a welcoming and supportive community.

The International Institute of St. Louis, a nonprofit organization that provides resettlement services to refugees and immigrants, is spearheading the effort. The institute is working with Chicago-based organizations to identify asylum seekers who are interested in relocating to St. Louis. Once they have been identified, the institute will provide them with assistance with housing, employment, and other essential services.

The initial goal is to resettle 500 asylum seekers in St. Louis by the end of the year. However, if the program is successful, it could be expanded to accommodate even more people.

The decision to take in asylum seekers has been met with support from St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones. In a statement, she said that the city is “committed to welcoming newcomers and ensuring that they have the opportunity to thrive.”

The move is also being welcomed by business leaders in St. Louis. They see the influx of asylum seekers as a potential boon to the city’s economy. Many of the asylum seekers are young and eager to work, and they could help to fill labor shortages in a number of industries.

The resettlement of asylum seekers in St. Louis is a positive step for both the city and the individuals who are being welcomed. It is a reminder that even in the face of challenges, there is still room for compassion and understanding.