June 11, 2017 - An awesome apocalyptic looking Mad Max car at Rotary Clubs 31st Super Car Show, Metropolis, IL/photonews247.com

31st Annual Super Car Show – Metropolis IL

METROPOLIS, IL – The 31st Annual Super Car Show, presented by Metropolis Rotary Club, was held at Fort Massac State Park during the Superman Celebration 2017 in Metropolis, IL.

This was the biggest car show I have ever been too. It was incredible. The vehicles varied from antiques to new high-performance cars, a car for every palate so to speak.

One of my many favorites was the apocalyptic Mad-Max-looking machine with the U.S. and P.O.W. flags flying proudly at the back. This car is a one-of-a-kind marvel representing genius in both art and engineering.

There is a antiquated pistol for the back door handle, a steering wheel made from rebarb and a whiskey bottle for the radiator overflow to name a few of its many creative and makeshift car parts.

Fort Massac State Park is a beautiful place and the cars where like ornaments on the Christmas tree making it a great backdrop for photos.

Thank you Metropolis Rotary Club for the awesome car show and all the good that you do.

31st Annual Super Car Show
When : Sun Jun 11th, 2017
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Camera used for these photos was the Sony A7 Full Frame – get price at amazon.com