TAMPA, FL – Tampa PainRelief Center at the Tampa Medical Village continues renovations inside the old Sweetbay building on the corner of W. Hillsborough Ave. and Armenia Ave. in Tampa, FL.

CORRECTION: The building was built in 1979 as a Family Mart Supermarket. It later became a Kash n’ Karry and then a Sweetbay Supermarket.  The Property was purchased by Lilton Realty LLC for 2.5 million in june of 2002.

This was one of the 33 Sweetbay’s that were closed by 2014 with the other remaining 72 changed over to Winn-Dixie.

THANK YOU: I want to thank the two gentlemen, Gavin and Ruben, in the comments below for correcting me. I wrote that it had opened as a Kash ‘n Karry which was wrong. It opened as a Family Mart. With deep appreciation..craig

Tampa PainRelief Center
Medical Village of Tampa
2333 W. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33603
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  1. I will like to come and work into your company. please give me the information.I am an LPN right now hoping to become an RN with Associate Degree. Thanks Ngaaje Samuel

    1. You are right , it was built as afamily mart supermarket in the early 80’s. I worked there.