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PADUCAH, KY – A small group of people in March of 2018 explored the old Illinois Central Railway Hospital (aka Katterjohn) building and found pentagrams painted on the wall with a dead, decomposed cat nearby on the floor.


The old hospital/orphanage/office space building is erie and noted more than a few times on the internet for being haunted with a remnants of a morgue still noticeable in the basement. There are many other sites in Paducah that are known for hauntings, as well, such as the famous Shandies Restaurant just a few blocks down on Broadway at 2nd Street.

The Illinois Central Railway Hospital was built in 1919 at 1501 Broadway Street in Paducah, KY.  It was the largest I.C. Hospital between Chicago and New Orleans that eventually closed in 1957 and later became an orphanage.

The 3-acre property was then purchased by George Katterjohn and converted into a professional building which was the last venture on this property and vacant every since.

An Historic Marker resides on the property that can be seen while driving down Broadway. The marker validates the site was once used by the invading Confederate Army General Nathan Bedford Forrest during the Civil War for staging his troops during the 1864 Battle of Paducah.

Are nefarious activities going on inside the building? You can either leave an anonymous comment below without using your name or email or notify local authorities at paducahky.gov/west-ky-crime-stoppers.

Illinois Central Railway Hospital/Katterjohn Building
1501 Broadway Street
Paducah, KY 42001

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  1. Such a shame that this historical site has not been taken care of. Instead we sink millions into the building at city hall.