The Daily Donut, Metropolis, IL

4.6 16 METROPOLIS, IL – The Daily Donut Shop features delicious donuts made fresh daily at Butler and E. 5th Streets in Metropolis, IL. I purchased a mixed order of a dozen donuts for only $10.00 plus tax. I had a regular and a long glazed donut so far and they were the best donuts […]

MENU Boss Burrito Paducah, KY

4.5 02 PADUCAH, KY – I went to the Boss Burrito Mexican food truck for lunch at the Check n Go at Hinkleville and 23rd and ordered the $7.99 burrito with beans, rice, lettuce and tomatoes. It was delicious. The burrito was huge measuring over 7×3 inches. I am a big eater and was almost unable to […]

Car flips at Enduro Derby no injuries Paducah, KY

5.0 02 PADUCAH, KY – During the Enduro Derby a car named WD40 flipped with two people inside who were not injured and had an inspiring comeback to boot. The crew helped get the two safely out of the overturned vehicle and flipped WD40 back on its wheels to continue the race. The Enduro Derby is […]

Thank you Deputy Greg Garrison for finding my wallet at Enduro Derby

5.0 01 PADUCAH, KY – I lost my wallet at McCracken County Fair’s Enduro Derby last night that’s basically a rubber band around my credit card, money, license and business cards. Like most people, I was a complete wreck. Shortly after getting home, while calling the bank to cancel the card, I got a call […]