Dave & Buster’s, Tampa, FL (coming soon)

TAMPA FL – Dave & Buster’s is a sports bar with billiards, bowling, arcade games and more that will soon be under construction at the corner of Estuary Lakes Drive and Palm River Road in Brandon, FL.

There are currently five Dave & Buster’s in Florida with Orlando being the closest to Tampa. The new restaurant will be next to Bass Pro Shops and down the street from Top Golf and iFly Tampa.

Tell us what you think about Dave & Buster’s coming to your area in the comment section below – no name or email required.

Dave & Buster’s
10209 Estuary Lakes Drive Tampa, FL 33619
daveandbusters.com | Google Maps

12 Replies to “Dave & Buster’s, Tampa, FL (coming soon)”

  1. Are not accommodating the roads for the traffic flow. They should widen the roads to accommodate the traffic first it is already unbearable. Should be mandatory first ! We cannot move around here now but you just keep building more house. Is this property the old Sanwa packing house property

  2. Can’t wait for the grand opening. Driving back and forth to Orlando is tiring. Who hoo too excited cause I love me a good drink

  3. Yes so excited. I am from chicago and every weekend i was in dave and busters. I am tired of chuck e cheese and pk play zone even though its fun for little kids but my son is growing and i know he will so enjoy dave and busters. Please come sooner than expected.

  4. PERFECT, cant wait. I’m from New York city and we have a location on Long island, Manhattan and Bronx. Very happy times

  5. Can’t Waite lived in the Syracuse area and loved Dave and Busters. I was shocked that Tampa did not have one. The entire family went we would eat then my son would play games while I watched sports. Can’t Waite.

  6. So excited to have more things to do. We live in Ruskin and don’t have much to do here. So grateful we will just have a short drive to have some fun!

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