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Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickel Saloon on 301 closed down in 2013/2013 photonews247.com
Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickel Saloon closed in 2013 on 301/2013 photonews247.com

SOUTH SHORE/WIMAUMA, FL – The Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickle Saloon was purchased by Sun City Retail LLC for $600,000 on February 12, 2015.

UPDATE 2016: See Aldi under construction

The Copper Penny is a different property from the Village Plaza which is slated to be purchase by Sun City Retail as well.

Copper Penny Restaurant sold February 2015 in Wimauma, FL/2015 photonews247.com
Copper Penny Restaurant sold???/2015 photonews247.com

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