First Look at Cheetah Cubs | Busch Gardens® Tampa FL

0.0 00 TAMPA, FL – Meet Busch Gardens Tampa’s newest adorable additions – cheetah cubs! The cubs, named Thabo (meaning “joy”) and Tendai (meaning “thankful”) were born on Nov. 22, 2014. Stop by the cheetah run habitat in the coming weeks to see them. (received permission to re-post this too-cute video by Bush Gardens)

Copper Penny Restaurant closed in 2013, sold in 2015

0.0 00 SOUTH SHORE/WIMAUMA, FL – The Copper Penny Restaurant and Wooden Nickle Saloon was purchased by Sun City Retail LLC for $600,000 on February 12, 2015. UPDATE 2016: See Aldi under construction The Copper Penny is a different property from the Village Plaza which is slated to be purchase by Sun City Retail as well.

NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE closes, new family reastaurant open

0.0 00 SOUTH SHORE/RUSKIN, FL – NIKO’S GREEK GRILLE opens this Monday, March 16, 2015 on E Shell Point Rd. This is a locally owned restaurant and now part of the South Shore family. Meet Mas Family Restaurant opens in former Niko’s Greek Grille building. It would be a very kind gesture to welcome them to the […]

Parrish Farm Market & Country Store, Parrish, FL

0.0 00 PARISH, FL – The Parrish Farm Market and County Store got their start when the first seeds were planted in a field by Grandpa Brown in 1915 in Sarasota, FL. And, now, 100 years and four generations later, his legacy continues with his family working the farm, doing the same jobs Grandpa did […]