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1968 Cushman 3-wheel golf cart, all original

SUN CITY CENTER/SOUTHSHORE, FL – This classic 1968 Cushman Golfster Series three-wheel golf cart was one of the last years it was produced, around the same time Cushman started making four-wheeled golf carts.

The owner of this cart stated that everything is original, including the paint, and that is was kept in a utility garage for years.

Cushman created their first three wheel Golfster Series golf cart back in 1954 and hints of this era can still be seen today in the 2016 Cushman Tuger model.

Cushman is now owned by Textron and specializes in producing commercial and utility vehicles.


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  1. Brice Borden Avatar
    Brice Borden

    Anyone looking for a cushman golfster. Looks like the one posted in first set of pictures. Does not look that good, but has all original paint possibly seats, and tires. It ran two years ago, and was parked under carport out of the weather. Right now battery terminals are corroded and batteries may or may not charge. Charger included. Top is cloth and ripper in middle.

  2. I have one for sale all original
    8hp gas
    3 wheel Cushman for dale

    1. Phone number please

  3. James Boehmer Avatar
    James Boehmer

    I have a 8hp cushman golfster, it has been modified a little, with a dump box and tractor tires. also through the years the suspension has been bolted to the frame, why it was done that way is beyond me. think it is a 1968 or so ,the serial tag is missing. runs great , a bench seat was added..not sure what I am going to do with it, its built solid. I would sell it ,but not sure what to ask for it? any suggestions?

    1. James Boehmer Avatar
      James Boehmer

      James Boehmer 3 wheel golfster jmbh330@aol.com 330 233 3299

  4. I’ve been searching for a 1968 3 wheel Cushman Golfcart like the one you featured above (dated Oct 2). Any way you can forward my contact info to its owner? Thanks, Barry Fouts

    1. I have no way of getting in touch with the gentleman that owns the Cushman sorry to say. I deleted your phone number for your privacy. If I happen to see him again I will get try to get his email and forward it to you.

    2. I have one 6413810886
      Gas all original parts
      Old Cushman three wheel golf cart

    3. rich krueger Avatar
      rich krueger

      I am the deceased owners son. This well maintained machine may be for sale later this year. I drove it yesterday. Drives perfectly. It was purchased from the second owner by my father ln 1977. No rust, stored in a climate comtrolled area since then.

    4. Have you found your cushman yet? I may have what your looking for.

    5. I may have what you are looking for if you have not found one yet

    6. Barry,
      I have a red ‘68, 3 wheel Golfster in exceptionally good condition! But needs batteries & shocks. White leather seats and top are in excellent condition.

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