Installation of fire hydrants 2015 in Sun City Center, FL
New fire hydrants covered in plastic not online for use yet in Sun City Center / 2015

SOUTH SHORE/SUN CITY CENTER, FL –  The Sun City Fire Protection Improvements Project started installing 173 additional fire hydrants throughout Sun City Center in January of 2015 and is anticipated to be finished within the year.

The new 173 fire hydrants will be connected with the installation of 4.5 miles of new 6-inch water pipeline as well.

This is an ongoing project to keep up with today’s codes that include more fire hydrants spaced closer together compared to the outdated codes.

The project area is roughly boarded by:
19th Ave. on the north
Cypress Village Blvd. on the west
US Highway 301 on the east
SR 674 on the south

Complete details with video of meeting can be view at

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