DOWNTOWN / TAMPA FL – The 100 North Tampa, also known as the Regions Building, is currently the tallest skyscraper in Tampa at 579 feet and 42 floors above ground.

The Regions Building is usually centrally located in skyline-photos of the city and is unmistakable with its postmodern Gothic-style roof that can be spotted from miles away.

The facade is adorned with Spanish Rosa granite and the pewter-tinted glass reflects the nearby buildings and sky like a mirror.

The two entrances on either side of the building are 40-foot archways made from granite as well.

The 552,080 sq ft building was finished in 1992 and is a premier address for companies.

Tallest skyscraper since 1992
Tallest skyscraper along Florida’s Gulf Coast
Tallest skyscraper building constructed in Tampa in the 1990s
Still known as the Regions Building

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100 North Tampa | Street, Tampa, FL |

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  1. I am a teacher in Hillsborough County, Tampa, and would like to take ten students to the top of the tallest building in downtown Tampa. These students are underprivileged kids who are working towards self improvement and need to have exposure to the things right here in Tampa. These kids have a very limited scope on life and the possibilities of a bright future. Please contact me regarding the opportunity to have the kids see Tampa from a new perspective.